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Oshtoora. A temporary state.

Oshtoora is a festival of music and arts. A collective of like minded initiatives. An ongoing experiment.

The festival is inspired by nature in both its design and operation. We set-up in a different location every year and when we leave, we leave nothing but our stories.

Participate. Oshtoora is a participatory gathering. Realizing that it is only as strong as its surrounding community, the festival is driven by collaborators who share its vision. We are part of a movement that is constantly growing.

Oshtoora is powered by its participants, collaborators, volunteers, friends and families. We are seeking an alternative financial model whereby everyone involved becomes a sponsor. A milestone that will ensure our sustainability and independence. An attempt to provide an alternative to the status quo.

Whatever happens now opens a number of possibilities in the future. For that reason, all we could say is that we are investing in possibilities and what might become. Maybe one day this temporary state will be a permanent one.

Come be a part.

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MUSIC: The music lineup is designed to reflect the diversity that is currently present in the region, and our stages are not restricted to a specific genre. Check out the 2015 lineup.

For a participating musician, Oshtoora goes beyond the main performance. The festival becomes a space for them and for musicians in the audience to meet and collaborate. A makeshift desert studio and a dialogue program are two examples of how this was achieved last year. This documentary chronicles the journey of the jamming sessions from the studio to the stage.

Oshtoora is also initiating an online archive of its live performances. Watch us on youtube or listen to us on soundcloud.

VISUAL ARTS: Oshtoora attracts a number of visual artists from various disciplines to create location-specific pieces. The festival becomes a factory for new ideas and a chance for participating artists to interact with a large audience.Their creations are considered integral to the overall design of the village, adding both wonder and beauty.

For more on 2015’s visual arts program, check out the lineup.

PERFORMING ARTS: We are seeking to broaden our performing arts program. This year we are inviting performing artists of all sorts. Performances will take place across the festival, and everyone is welcome to interact.

CINEMA: Last year Zawya Cinema temporarily relocated to Oshtoora and screened four films throughout the festival. Here is the lineup from 2015.

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This is a place for learning, healing, making friends and having fun. It’s also a space where you can buy and sell stuff. This is where you will find Oshtoora merchandise and plethora of cool local products from all over.

Applications for the marketplace will open soon, so keep coming back.

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Oshtoora strives to be a harmonious part of nature. The festival is an opportunity to prove that human activity does not need be detrimental to its host ecosystem, but rather grow adaptable to it.

We are aware of the festival’s footprint and are constantly working to limit it. Here are our preliminary efforts: a greywater system, where shower and sink water is redirected to flush toilets. All food vendors are obligated to wrap their food in paper or offer reusable cutlery. No plastic water bottles are sold at the festival. Instead, we ask participants to bring their own reusable bottles in addition to making water flasks available for sale. Solid waste is managed by Oshtoora’s on-site eco team. It really does significantly decrease the amount of non-organic waste produced by the end of the festival.

Structures are also eco-friendly and are designed by one of the festival’s key collaborators, Mada Architects, a local studio that focuses on innovative ways to utilize local materials to create environmentally-conscious and contextually adapted spaces. All designs are easily assembled and disassembled, ensuring we leave no physical trace behind.

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App Lab is made up of a group of tech enthusiasts with a drive to create all things beautiful. They are a team of scientists and artists, and are the machine behind our website and sleek registration system. At Oshtoora, they will be managing the cashless payment system.

Dream Studio started working in the music production field in Egypt in 2000 as a very small company with very big dreams. Today, Dream Studio has gone a long way in the arts and music field, and is always keen to provide high-quality service, and help artists fulfill their musical dreams in the highest quality possible. At Oshtoora, they will be handling everything audio.

Kit Consulting is a local firm that provides premium IT services to small and medium offices. They set up Oshtoora’s wireless local area network, making it possible for the festival to be based on cashless transactions.

Mada Architects is a design-build studio focusing on innovative ways of using local and natural materials to create contemporary, environmentally conscious, and contextually well adapted spaces. Mada help us bring the festival’s campsite to life, assembled in a way that ensures we leave no trace when we leave.

Weladna create locally and globally inspired educational products and facilitate critical thinking, self-expression and self-learning. They are the brains behind everything fun at Oshtoora.

Misr International Films launched Zawya in March 2014 as the first art house cinema in Egypt. With a program split between theatrical releases and special events, Zawya has screened an alternative selection of films from different parts of the world, including short films, documentaries, feature films and experimental work. Zawya’s team are the curators of Oshtoora’s film program.