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Thursday November 5th, 2015

We promised to be back, and so we've been working hard ever since. And here we are, overwhelmed and proud to unveil a new website, an exciting video library, live tracks from 2015 and the date for the next festival. Yes, it's happening.

Oshtoora 2016 will take place during 29-30 April and 1 May 2016, over the Sham El Nessim holiday.

We are coming out with the usual full-on music program featuring performances from across genres, both old and new; a journey that fosters fertile ground for collaboration.

Experiencing Oshtoora will no longer be music-centred. The art program will expand to reach out to a larger number of visual artists as well as a wide range of troops from across the arena of performing arts.

We've been scouting for a new location during the past months. Our feet have taken us across Egypt, along both its desert and coast lines. Nothing is for certain yet.

We will keep you posted on where we ultimately settle, and all practical information will roll out from there. It will surely be among nature, that we know.