Waste %281%29


Tuesday April 12th, 2016

You’re playing with your hair.
Now pluck hairs from your head and put it in your food.

You’re lying on the beach with your clothes, hair, and body full of sand.
Now walk in the city with some sand in your shoes.

Garbage is matter out of place. The presence of hair in our food and sand in our shoes defies our social order. It defies our understanding of how things ought to be.

On the opposite end of the scale, when you see a plastic bag rolling through a vast expanse of sand, it bothers you and breaks whatever sensation of peace you allowed to accumulate during your time with nature. The bag’s correct place is on a rack by the cash register at the supermarket.

During the four days of Oshtoora, we will be borrowing a space from nature to sleep, eat, dance, and build a community together. Just like we have social norms that we would want to be respected, nature has a set of rules we will have to adhere to. Basically, don’t leave anything behind that wasn’t initially found there.

To help you help us, we will be sending you a packing list that helps you minimize your consumption by-products, i.e. things that may end up being ‘garbage’.

Nature, however, is much cooler than us. It has created a system where garbage does not even exist. A system where outputs from a process become inputs for another process.

At Oshtoora, we try to minimize our footprint but we also try to learn from nature and view waste as resources. This year, waste will be locally reused, re-circulated and recycled by the local community. The organic waste we generate will be segregated and used by locals as animal feed. All other waste will be given to a local recycler to sort and sell. We will also be holding workshops where you can learn how to reuse materials to make reusable pocket ashtrays.