Tuesday March 22nd, 2016

The Ten Commandments of bringing your kids to Oshtoora

1-All kids under the age of 13 can come to the festival free of charge.

2-We will have a medical team working around the clock, as well as a fully equipped first aid kit and an ambulance for emergencies.

3-Water is provided for free for everyone attending the festival. Make sure you bring flasks to refill so your little ones stay hydrated.

4-We will have various activities suitable for children, including a playground, nature walks, an arts and crafts tent as well as board and card games. A full schedule is coming out very soon!

5-Strollers, scooters and bikes are not allowed past the parking area, so make sure your kids have comfortable walking shoes.

6-We will have various vendors offering a variety of foods all day long, as well as a supermarket. But it’s always a good idea to bring some healthy snacks (for example: granola bars, nuts, dried fruits) for your children.

7-Our music program runs late, so to make sure your little monsters get a good night’s sleep, bring their ear muffs. We will also be selling earplugs.

8-All festival staff will be wearing something distinctive, so make sure your kids know who to approach if they need help. It is also useful to bring a head torch (and don’t forget the batteries) so your kids can roam around the campsite freely.

9-The weather can be unpredictable sometimes, so make sure you pack for all weathers. A blanket, a few extra sweaters, and don’t forget sun screen and hats for when it’s sunny!

10-You can bring both your party hats and your kids to Oshtoora :)