Mannas big


Sunday March 20th, 2016

Oshtoora's communication coordinator Ferry Nerry chatted with Super Mannas, one of Oshtoora's dedicated volunteers, last week, and he told her something that surprised her.

Ferry Nerry: Mannas, how did you end up volunteering at Oshtoora last year?

Super Mannas: It all started when my best friend told me about Oshtoora and how we could volunteer for it. We were a big group and didn’t know what to expect but it turned out to be a great experience that I am willing to do again. Although we weren’t assigned to the same team, I really loved what I was doing, and made friends very quickly. I was working with the food & beverages team, waking up early to help early risers get their coffee, and then... the fun part; I was the beer guy!

Ferry Nerry: Tell us more about being the beer guy! What was your favorite part?

Super Mannas: As part of the F&B team, I was assigned to the beach bar, selling beer to Oshtoora people. I got to talk to almost everyone at the festival, which was probably my favorite part of last year's experience (aside from the last performance, which was amazing!) As a team, we used to play these mini games and compete on who will sell more beer. Also, my shift used to end by sundown, which meant I was free for the artists' performances.

Ferry Nerry: How are you getting ready for Oshtooora 2016?

Super Mannas: As soon as Oshtoora 2015 was over, we started talking about Oshtoora 2016! My friends and I were very excited. At the beginning, we were thinking of just attending the festival but when time came we found ourselves applying to volunteer this year as well. The work atmosphere is perfect and the team is great.

And well, I kind of built my own tent!

Ferry Nerry: OMG! Inta bethazzar! How come?

Super Mannas: Credit goes to my grandpa for suggesting that I build my own customised tent and for showing me where I could make it. I went to the shop and spoke to the guy for a few minutes, and I found myself designing my very own custom made tent! It will be even bigger than the one I had last year :)

I am pretty sure this tent will make my experience at Oshtoora even better! I am very excited to try it out.